It’s Time To Personalize Mental Health Treatment

Every individual and their brain is unique. That’s why many patients go through multiple failed mental health treatments before finding the right “fit” — there’s a better way with PEER.

Patients with a mental health condition should not feel alone. According to the National Institutes of Health, one in five adults in the U.S. are living with a mental illness. Millions of Americans are expected to fail two or more drug therapies before finding a medication that works for their unique brain chemistry. The result is a feeling of helplessness and frustration.

Introducing PEER Online®

We restore hope for patients using our patented technology. PEER Online® (Psychiatric Electroencephalographic Evaluation Registry) helps doctors select medications based on patients personal brain patterns to help guide the right prescription, right from the start. PEER is an objective analytical test that measures brain activity and matches medications with the greatest likelihood of success, based on scientific research.

Built By Doctors

Physicians have been using practice based evidence data to help provide adjunctive information to guide the treatment of their patients for some time. It has been well documented and utilized by multiple medical disciplines where solid evidence based guidelines were unavailable or inadequate, i.e. pediatric oncology. It is not surprising that physicians took the initiative to develop PBE databases to support the treatment of their patients. PEER combines a crowdsourced outcome registry with EEG, an accepted, well-normed test of brain function.

Powered By Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to the real-time, real-world evidence being collected, PEER is capable of self-learning. Through the process of delivering recommendations and outcome performance, it calibrates and fine-tunes drug therapy recommendations for patients. Thus changing the way healthcare providers treat mental health conditions.

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