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Brain Scans for Better Treatments

Ashley was a senior in college when she suddenly started experiencing frequent migraines accompanied by nausea and epileptic-like twitches. “The first time this happened to me, I was so scared,” Ashley says. “I was in the middle of class, and all of a sudden, I couldn’t see. I started slumping like a ragdoll. I couldn’t even tell you my own name.”

Ashley spent the next six years consulting numerous doctors who misdiagnosed her with conditions ranging from epilepsy to PTSD. She was prescribed an array of different drugs, none of which were effective.

“At one point, I was taking about 10 pills a day. I was depressed and hopeless, and it just felt like this was never going to end,” she says.

Ashley then heard about PEER which works to improve mental health care by providing objective patient information that helps doctors bypass the typical trial-and-error process of treating neurological disorders.

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