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When people are ready to see a psychiatrist, they generally want help now, not the 3-5 months which is the average time to see a psychiatrist in this area.  A new patient appointment with us is generally within 1-2 weeks.  

  • Confidential – treatment may never be shared with your insurance company unless you request it
  • Personalized – appointments are longer than average so I can know you and understand your problems faster
  • Innovative – we are the first in the area to use PEER (Psychiatric Electroencephalographic Evaluation Registry) testing in combination with genetic testing to develop a treatment regimen that optimizes the latest in personalized medicine technology.  These technologies will hopefully diminish the side effects you would have to endure with the standard trial-and-error method.

Why come to Little Rock Psychiatry?

I have always felt there are some things that you can go through mentally that are much worse than anything you could go through physically.  I am here to stand beside you whatever it is you are going through. My appointments are longer than average because the only thing that really helps any psychiatrist get to the heart of you and your problems faster is time spent with you.  My appointments with you will never be answer a few questions and off you go.

I am a board-certified psychiatrist with 22 years of post-residency clinical experience in a variety of private practice, academic and inpatient settings around the country, with the last 12 years in Arkansas, so I have the expertise to help with whatever problems you bring me.  We are the first in the area to use PEER, a new technology the FDA has given breakthrough device status, in combination with genetic testing to diminish the waiting of the trial-and-error method of prescribing administered by a trained and experienced technician.

Confidentiality is paramount in my practice and your records need never be shared with your insurance company unless you request it.  Confidential, personalized, innovative care is the cornerstone of my practice.  My practice will always be limited in number so each of my patients get my utmost attention.

I look forward to working with you.

Melanie Conway, MD
Diplomate, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

The Treatment Triad

When you are looking for a psychiatrist, always inquire about the length of time for appointments.  Psychiatrists really are not mind readers and we can only really get to know you by taking the time to do so.  We will work together:  your knowledge of yourself with my clinical expertise to help your life get better.


Next are the personalized medicine technologies we use to get to solutions faster than the old trial and error method.  PEER (Psychiatric Electroencephalographic Evaluation Registry) is a new technology that has received FDA break-through device status to help determine through your brain waves which medicine you are more likely to respond to.  This information is combined with genetic testing which is obtained by a saliva sample and is especially good about determining how the body metabolizes medicines.  In combination we can get to a medication management solution which will work for you sooner and with fewer side effects.

Psychiatry has advanced by leaps and bounds in their different treatment modalities available.  Medication management and therapy are well-known strategies, but other treatment options abound such as herbals, hormones, transcranial magnetic stimulation, bright light therapy, ECT and ketamine.  You will get practical advice with personalized medicine and clinical expertise to help make things better.  

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