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Little Rock Psychiatry

Melanie Conway M.D.

Board Certified Adult Psychiatrist

I treat a variety of conditions which include the following:

Major Depressive Disorders

Grief and Loss Issues

Bipolar Disorders

Divorce / Relationship Problems

Anxiety Disorders

Self Esteem Issues

Women's Mood Disorders

Stress Management

Substance Problems

I do not treat ADHD or ADD

     Seeking care from a psychiatrist can be a difficult decision, as mental health issues can be associated with negative feelings.  Due to the sensitive nature of the problems being addressed, confidentiality is the highest priority in my practice.  When you call for an appointment, you will always speak directly to me, and will never have to deal with the hassle of indirect and impersonal service through office personnel. Treatment with me need never be shared with any entity, including your insurance company, unless you request it.
    Personalized, individual and thorough care is the cornerstone of my practice.  Therefore, my practice will always be limited in number of patients so this level of care can be provided to each individual patient.  To provide this level of care, my appointment times are longer than average and you will never receive indirect care by having to relay your information to someone other than me.

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